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T2 Irish Breakfast Bags

T2 Irish Breakfast Bags

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No messing around with this stout blend! A blend of Sri Lankan, Indian orthodox and broken leaves to produce a highly-balanced, deep, rich brew. Its coppery red liquor has an engagingly frank personality with a little flirty sweetness. A full-bodied and malty flavour that stands up to even the biggest fry-up complete with black pudding.

Rich, robust, malty black tea with a slightly sweet finish.

Sealed fresh inside a plant-based, compostable poly bag, packed into a colourful recyclable cardboard box.

Perfect paired with a hearty breakfast to get the day going. Goes great with sweet pastries, or for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Best brewed 2-4 minutes using freshly boiled water. Perfect on its own or with a dash of milk.

From fruits to spices, tea leaves to herb bushes, 100% of our tea is sustainably sourced. Our teabags are made from food-grade corn starch - they are compostable, too.

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