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Spiretti Fruit & Vege Slicer

Spiretti Fruit & Vege Slicer

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The Avanti Spiretti Spiral Vegetable and Fruit Slicer offers a new twist on healthy cooking.

A simple turn of the handle delivers effortless vegetable spirals. It’s perfect for healthy eaters and fussy kids!

Create delicious fresh zucchini noodles, quick and easy curly fries, shredded carrots and cabbage for coleslaw, decorative garnishes and much more.

The Spiral Slicer comes with interchangeable blades to create three different textures: ribbons, thick spirals and thin spirals or shreds.

The blades slide into place easily and store under the base of the unit when not in use.

A rotating disc with spikes holds vegetables securely against the cutting surface and keeps fingers safely away from the blade.

Suction capped feet prevent the spiral slicer from slipping, and the helper handle provides extra leverage when necessary.

The Spiretti spiral slicer is ideal for potato, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, onion, radish, zucchini, tomato, apple and pear.

  • 3 interchangeable blade plates incorporating stainless steel blades
  • Blade plates simply slide in and lock into place
  • Blade plates clip into base for safe, secure storage when not in use
  • Crank provides smooth rotation, while the spiked gripping head and blade plate spindle securely grip most firm fruits and vegetables
  • Non-slip suction cup feet
  • Durable food-grade plastic body
  • Dishwasher safe

    USE & CARE

        • Grip the blade plate and lift vertically to remove it from the unit. Take care to keep fingers well away from the blade.
        • Remove the spiked gripping head and crank assembly by sliding the componentry in a horizontal direction until it is free from the unit.
        • Rinse off food residue and hand wash components in warm water and mild dishwashing detergent.
        • Dry blade plate thoroughly with a soft cloth.
        • Whilst the product is dishwasher safe, had washing is recommended.
        • Place the slicer on a smooth horizontal surface and press the unit down gently on all four suction feet to secure the slicer. Slicer should feel solidly secure before operation.
        • Select a blade. The slicer comes with three blades. They can create thin spaghetti like cuts to thicker cuts.
        • Slide the selected blade plate into the unit and apply downward pressure to ensure that it is securely in place. Note: the blade must face the spikes of the food holder. (The blades do not require adjustment and should not be touched.)
        • Attach the desired fruit or vegetable to the food holder ensuring that the food is firmly penetrated by the spikes. Press the other side of the chosen food onto the steel spindle on the blade plate. For best results, cut off each end of the vegetable being sliced to provide a secure grip.
        • Firmly grip the handle and push the assembly forward whilst simultaneously rotating the food holder with the crank. Apply pressure to the lower handle mount and not the crank for this purpose. Vegetable and/or fruit strips will emerge on the opposite side of the blade
        • Store the unused blades inside the base.
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