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Paris Black 18cm Pepper

Paris Black 18cm Pepper

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The legendary silhouette of the Paris 18cm pepper mill will delight, comfort and inspire all food enthusiasts. The glossy black lacquered finish will add plenty of glitz and glamour to the table but this pepper mill is as big on flavour as it is on flair.

The Paris pepper mill, instantly recognisable by its curved silhouette, is an undisputed benchmark in the gastronomic world, not only for chefs but for anyone who loves the culinary arts and has a passion for flavour. A genuine symbol of simple, generous, and refined cooking, the Paris 18cm pepper mill is also glamorous.

Equipped with the effective Peugeot mechanism, this exceptional pepper mill is enhanced by a shiny metal button used to adjust the size of the grind to suit your taste: tightening the button will reduce the size to a finer texture. This pepper mill has a prestigious presence that makes it as decorative as it is practical.

*Made in France

Dimensions: Height 180mm | Material: Black Lacquered Wood

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