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Miyabi Knife Sharpener

Miyabi Knife Sharpener

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The Miyabi Pull-Through Knife Sharpener features ceramic rollers, allowing your knives to be sharpened more smoothly and with maximum comfort

Pre-set sharpening angle ensures your knife is always in the correct sharpening position

First, pull the blade through the diamond-coated ceramic roller several times to achieve a beautiful sharpening edge

Follow by pulling the blade through the ceramic rollers several times at the end, to make the knife exceptionally sharp

Non-slip due to silicone nubs on the base of the sharpener ensure stability on the work surface for safe use

Ergonomic, easy-care plastic handle is suitable for right or left handed use, which the hand guard ensures safe use

Do not immerse under water

Wipe with a damp cloth if necessary and dry thoroughly

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