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Brasilia Negro Coffee Grinder

Brasilia Negro Coffee Grinder

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The Westmark Brasilia coffee grinder is a high-quality manual coffee grinder with adjustable ceramic grinder which can grind coffee beans for espresso, stove top, filter coffee and French press coffee.

Grind quality:
Fine – for espresso makers; medium – for classic filter coffee; and coarse – for french press.

Simply lift the lid and pour your beans, turn the crank handle, remove the grinder and fill you coffee maker to the quantity you require.

There is also a practical measurement indicator for measuring the quantity of ground coffee (2-8 cups) on the glass, so you get just the right amount of coffee.

Non-slip rubber ring ensures good adherence on smooth surfaces

*Hand wash recommended

Dimensions: Height 185mm | Length 215mm | Width 70mm | Material: ABS/ Ceramic/ Glass/ Stainless Steel

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