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Bc Shot Measure And Pourer

Bc Shot Measure And Pourer

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Whether you're pouring tequila shots, preparing to shake up a cosmo cocktail, or making a simple rum and cola, having precise alcohol measures is key.

Good news: you don't have measure your shots individually, or fall back on guesswork anymore. With BarCraft's single shot pourer, you can instantly measure and pour 25 ml shots.

Simply pop the shot dispenser into the neck of your spirit bottle (it will fit most common types), then just pour from the bottle as usual to get your perfect single shot.

It’s easy, but you’ll look like a cocktail pro (shhh… nobody has to know the secret).


  • Smart and simple design the inside is a ball bearing, which cuts off the flow of liquid to the spirit pourer once 25ml has been measure

  • Leakproof - its ribbed rubber cork slots into most liquor bottles to create a tight, leakproof seal

  • Precision pouring the angled nozzle makes it easy to pour alcohol shots into glasses and jiggers

  • Handwash only

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