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Bc Dual Measure Jigger 25/50ml

Bc Dual Measure Jigger 25/50ml

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A cocktail jigger is an essential tool that no home bar should be without. With its clever double ended design, this stylish stainless steel double jigger spirit measure helps you to pour single and double measures like a pro – quickly and accurately.

Simply pour your spirit into the smaller side for a single, or flip it round and use the larger size for a double. Easy! So whether you’re pouring out spirits to add to cocktails and mixers or simply sizing up a glass of whiskey ready for a quiet evening in, you’ll be able to create delicious mixtures and keep tabs on how much you’ve used.


  • Perfect for mixing drinks

  • Bar tending essential

  • Made from Stainless Steel

  • Handwash only

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