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Avanti Digi Timer White

Avanti Digi Timer White

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The Avanti® Mini Digital Timer is a slim, compact and easy to use kitchen timer. It features an easy to read LCD display, and a red LED light that flashes when the loud and clear alarm sounds. Lightweight, a handy magnet on the back enables it to be placed on the refrigerator or moved around the kitchen or household to ensure maximum visibility and functionality.

LCD screen

99 min 59 sec max countdown

Loud 30 second alarm and flashing light function

High strength magnetic fixing

Rugged ABS plastic body

1 x CR2032 battery included


Before first use, remove the plastic strip from the battery compartment.

Set countdown time by holding or pressing the Minute M and Second S button.

Start countdown by pressing Stop/Start button S/S . Press again to pause the timer.

Alarm will sound and the light and screen will flash for 30 seconds when the countdown in is complete. Press any button to stop the alarm.

Reset timer by pressing the M and S buttons simultaneously

Clean with a dry cloth.

Do not immerse in water or wipe with a damp cloth

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