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Avanti Cake Leveller

Avanti Cake Leveller

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Create perfectly straight cake tops and layers with the Avanti® Cake Leveller. Ideal for both professional and home bakers, the leveller features 11 adjustable heights which allow you to slice different heights of the cake. The leveller produces an even surface for cake decorating and filling in between the layers. The precision stainless steel cutting wire provides effortless, safe and precise cutting with fewer crumbs.

  • Stainless steel cutting wire
  • Wire adjustable for 11 different height settings
  • Suitable for cakes up to 28cm wide
  • Chrome finish handle
  • Lightweight and durable

    USE & CARE

        • Place the Cake on a cake board
        • Position the ends of the adjustable cutting wire into the notches at the desired height.
        • With legs standing on the work surface, cut into the crusted edge of the cake using an easy sawing motion. Proceed by gently gliding the wire through the cake. Hand wash only.
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