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Alloy Cherry/Olive Pitter

Alloy Cherry/Olive Pitter

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The Avanti® Cherry & Olive Pitter efficiently removes the pit from cherries and olives easily within seconds. It utilises a metal plunger that pierces the cherry or olive to remove the pit while leaving the fruit intact. Made from rugged die-cast alloy, it features an internal spring which opens the jaws every time so it is always ready for the next cherry or olive. To operate, after releasing locking ring, simply insert cherry or olive with the stem side up in the cradle (remove any stems prior to pitting). Then just gently squeeze the handles allowing the shaft to simply push through the cherry or olive and push the pit/stone out. The pit/stone will eject through the opening in the cradle. Use one hand to feed the cherries/olives and the other hand to squeeze the pitter.

  • Comfortable two-handle design
  • Made of chrome-plated zinc alloy
  • Spring loaded for easy use with one hand
  • Locking ring for compact storage
  • Dishwasher safe
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