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Global - Oriental Cook's Knife - 10cm

Global Oriental Cook's Knife  |  10cm Blade

•  Award winning design and quality
•  Blade edge is made to be sharp and to stay sharper for longer
•  Hand made in Japan
•  Seamless design so it's more hygienic
•  Stainless steel constructed so food does not stick
•  Hand wash is highly recommended
•  ​Ceramic water sharpener/whetstone is highly recommended for sharpening 

First introduced in 1985 by Yoshikin Manufacturing, the innovative designs of Global knives quickly took the culinary world by storm. Devised as a blend of Italian design, German durability and Japanese precision, Global knives revolutionized modern cutlery with their solid steel construction. Each knife is painstakingly handmade by skilled artisans – not mass produced by machines. The razor sharp blades are crafted from the finest grade molybdenum vanadium stainless steel. This superior metal not only strenuously resists stains and corrosion, it also holds an edge far longer than ordinary cutlery steels. The knife's distinctive handle is ergonomically designed for optimum comfort and control, the trademark dimpled grip ensures a safe, non-slip hold. There are no rivets to work loose, no plastic or timber handles to crack and no gaps or joins to harbour harmful germs and bacteria.

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